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Per Member Per Month Metrics 
Utilization is monitored by the number of prescriptions filled by each member each month, or per member per month (PMPM) data.

These data are monitored by two member types: active employees and retirees. Retiree utilization is typically three times higher than active-employee utilization. This is predominantly because people over the age of 65 experience more chronic conditions.

The survey findings show utilization and prescription costs that are higher than those recorded in some PBM trend reports. This is likely due to the fact that some of the smaller employers who responded to this survey manage their drug programs less aggressively.

Table 36: Range of the Number of Scripts Per Member Per Month

Table 37: Range of the Gross Cost of Scripts Per Member Per Month

Table 38: Range of the Net Cost of Scripts Per Member Per Month

Decreased Copays Encourage Voluntary Pill Splitting


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