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4D Pharmacy Management Systems Inc.
2520 Industrial Row Drive
Troy, Michigan 48084

Contact: Jeff Polter, V.P. Business Development/Account Management
Phone: (248) 341-8130
Fax: (248) 540-0112
Email: jeff@4dpharmacy.com

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4D Pharmacy Management Systems Inc. is a Pharmacy Benefit Manager (PBM) with extensive experience working with commercial and Government clients on a national basis, managing hundreds of millions of dollars in annual claims. 4D was founded on the philosophy of being flexible, adaptive and responsive and has always operated under a complete transparent model with all revenues disclosed to the client. Satisfaction levels within our client group is tops in the industry!

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Abarca Health
650 Ave Munoz Rivera, Suite 701
San Juan, Puerto Rico 00918

Contact: Luis A. Perez, Senior Vice President
Phone: 787 523 1212
Fax: 787 777 1371
Email: info@abarcahealth.com

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Abarca Health is a provider of comprehensive pharmacy benefit management, BI and applied Health IT solutions to all stakeholders in the healthcare industry. We create value by harnessing the power of timely, integrated data to drive meaningful analytics, targeting interventions and incentives to deliver better overall health outcomes and generate a clear financial value. Abarca provides unmatched collaborative client engagement and support while partnering to offer predictable pricing and extensive experience in Medicare Part D.

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American Health Care
3850 Atherton Road
Rocklin, CA 95765

Contact: Jason Blackburn, Manager of Sales & Marketing Administration
Phone: (916) 773-7227
Fax: (916) 773-7210
Email: j.blackburn@americanhealthcare.com

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American Health Care is a Rocklin, CA based health care company that has been providing award-winning population Health Management (PHM) and Pharmacy Benefit Management (PBM) services for over 30 years. American Health Care is a premier provider of 340B, PBM and PHM services to self-insured employers, hospitals and hospital systems across the country. As a national award-winning developer of leading patient care delivery, technology and disease management tools, AHC is recognized as a national leader in clinical pharmacy management, chronic conditions management and wellness innovation. Visit us at http://www.americanhealthcare.com/ for more information.  

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AmWins Rx
866 North Main Street Extension
Wallingford, CT 06492

Contact: Michael Hajdun, Executive Vice President
Phone: 877 274 7871 ext 4125
Fax: 203 793 2919
Email: michael.hajdun@amwins.com

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NEVER ACCEPT THE PRECONCEIVED. While many PBMs put a custom spin on generic industry offerings, a full-service, pass-through pricing PBM, provides a higher level of quantifiable value. Our clinical programs, services and partnerships differentiate us from the competition. The result? Improved cost controls for clients, improved care for members and improved communications for everyone. Because we operate independently from pharmaceutical and other industry-related parent companies, AmWINS Rx has a broad selection of markets and can create custom programs with peak value, rather than the "best available” from the limited menu of other providers. We’re pleased to have an identity as an education based, cost control PBM. Our greatest flaw is that we’re just not that good at following others.

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1300 Washington Street
Kansas City, MO 64105

Contact: Kristy Cayot, Marketing Manager
Phone: 816-843-5832
Fax: 816-843-6415
Email: kristy.cayot@argushealth.com

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Argus is a leading independent provider of healthcare information management services supporting commercial, Medicaid and Medicare Part D with a business model that provides full disclosure and transparency. Argus serves a wide range of clients and key healthcare organizations, including managed care organizations, pharmacy benefit managers and pharmaceutical manufacturers.

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BeneCard PBF
3900 Millenia Blvd.
Orlando, FL 32839

Contact: Cynthia Tantum, Director of Marketing & Proposal Coordination
Phone: (609) 219-0400 x5006
Fax: (609) 219-1788
Email: Cynthia.Tantum@benecard.com

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Leveraging a 20 year history administering prescription drug benefit programs, Benecard PBF delivers a business relationship which focuses on our clients’ goals first. Benecard specializes in the administration of both fixed rate insured and ASO prescription benefit programs. As a prescription benefit facilitator, our account management, retiree solutions, cutting edge informatics, technologically innovation advanced systems, and true transparency, coupled with our financial model free from hidden incentives, delivers 100% pass-through and acquisition cost pricing; all designed to provide clients with upfront, exceptional customer service, keep members healthy, and eliminate conflicts of interest.

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Capture Rx
10100 Reunion Place, Suite 700
San Antonio, TX 78216

Contact: Cinthya Pillot-Olive, Director of Marketing
Phone: 210-587-3486
Fax: 210-576-0420
Email: care@capturerx.com

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CaptureRx® delivers pharmacy benefits management, 340B, and GPO solutions to America’s hospitals and health centers.
CaptureRx®, formed in 1999, has been serving community health centers, safety-net clinics and hospitals for over a decade. Millions of patients have been touched nationwide by CaptureRx® services to bring patients and community pharmacies back together, while lowering drug costs through innovative pharmacy benefit management through the use of contracted pharmacy network-based delivery of Public Health Service 340B, GPO and Own Use, and PAP drugs.
Today, CaptureRx® manages one of the largest 340B programs in the country; operates the nation’s largest 340B contracted pharmacy network, and is a pioneer and technology leader in 340B processing and automation through its proprietary internet "cloud” based platform call Cumulus™.
CaptureRx® is currently engaged with hundreds community health centers, hospitals, and managed care programs nationwide.

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300 N LaSalle, Suite 1600
Chicago, IL 60654

Contact: Christopher T. Burns, Vice President, Marketing
Phone: 312.261.7848
Email: christopher.burns@catamaranrx.com

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The Catamaran suite of services supports pharmacy benefit management needs on a customized basis -- providing the flexibility to select services based on immediate business objectives while accommodating future needs.

We offer complete financial, operational and decision-making control, bringing the supply chain much closer to the largest buyers in the market to drive competitive advantage.

Catamaran delivers compelling financial results, the flexibility to address unique client goals and the commitment to keep clients for life.

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Choice Rx Solutions
2751 Shellingham Drive
Lisle, IL 60532

Contact: Dino Dibella, RPh, Sales Director
Phone: 608 825 4134
Email: ddibella@choicerxsolutions.com

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Choice Rx Solutions delivers low cost pass through pricing through our national network of pharmacies. In addition we offer choice for all clients regardless of membership size, earning us recognition from our clients for the best customer service in the industry. We offer a full range of products including specialty pharmacy, "In retail pharmacy” 90 day supplies, member and client portals as well as a 24/7/365 help desk. We work with TPAs, Brokers and Employer groups to customize their benefit plan while shifting savings from the PBM to lower health care costs for all payers. Headquartered near Madison Wisconsin, Choice Rx Solutions has regional offices in Los Angeles, Chicago, and Philadelphia. Choice Rx Solutions is your clear choice in Pharmacy Benefit Management.

900 Cottage Grove Road, B5PHR
Hartford, CT 06152

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Claire Marie Burchill, Sr VP, Strategy, Product & Marketing
Cigna is an industry leader in pharmacy benefit management as well as medical and pharmacy operational and clinical integration. Our fully coordinated approach helps clients perform in any regulatory or economic environment by delivering total cost management, improved health outcomes and an exceptional customer experience. In fact, once again, clients rated Cigna better for overall satisfaction and performance than the nations largest stand alone PBMs. Cigna manages a client’s entire Specialty Pharmacy spend through strategies that influence how, where and when care is delivered and consumed. High generic dispensing rates, cost transparency, incentive-based plan designs, a thriving home delivery pharmacy and so much more makes Cigna the PBM of choice for over 6.3 million customers.

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Citizens Rx
1144 Lake Street
Oak Park, IL 60301

Contact: Alex Knight, Executive Vice President, Sales
Phone: 888 545 1120 Ext 102
Email: aknight@citizensrx.com

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Citizens Rx is a national, full-service pharmacy benefit management company that offers customized pharmacy benefit management services through a modular, unbundled delivery model. Specifically, Citizens Rx provides customized solutions including claims processing, pharmacy network management, mail order and specialty pharmacy services, rebate administration, clinical consulting, and a proprietary mobile application that dramatically assists in controlling rising specialty drug trends. Citizens Rx is headquartered in suburban St. Louis with regional offices in New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, Seattle and San Juan, Puerto Rico. Citizens Rx’s clients include both public and private employer groups, unions, Third Party Administrators, and managed care organizations.

2550 University Avenue West, Suite 320N
St. Paul, MN 55114-1904

Contact: Kyle Johnson
Phone: 612 672 5332
Email: kjohns66@fairview.org

Visit the ClearScript “Total Organizational Health” Web site

ClearScript is a unique Pharmacy Benefits Manager with origins in providing specialized pharmacy services in a non-profit health system setting. As part of one of first organizations in the country to practice and teach Medication Therapy Management - a decade before most PBMs considered it - we have been empowered to implement an array of pharmacy programs which improve health outcomes while optimizing spending on prescription medications. We place clarity around the pharmacy benefit that accrues to plan sponsors, putting an end to confusing PBM practices through 100% transparency and accountability. Our services include a nationwide pharmacy network, state-of-the-art claims processing, and hands on, care-driven optimization unmatched by our competitors. In addition to our clinical expertise, plan members benefit from a 24/7 helpline, online account access, pharmacy locator and refill option, and an explanation of benefits (EOB) sent to each employee that details the value of their prescription benefit.

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CVS Caremark
9501 E. Shea Blvd
Scottsdale, AZ 85260

Contact: Jim Fowler, Vice President of Employer Sales
Phone: 203-778-1533
Email: jim.fowler@caremark.com

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CVS Caremark is dedicated to helping people on their path to better health as the largest integrated pharmacy company in the United States. Through the company’s more than 7,600 CVS/pharmacy stores; its leading pharmacy benefit manager serving more than 60 million plan members; and its retail health clinic system, the largest in the nation with more than 800 MinuteClinic locations, it is a market leader in mail order, retail and specialty pharmacy, retail clinics, and Medicare Part D Prescription Drug Plans. As a pharmacy innovation company with an unmatched breadth of capabilities, CVS Caremark continually strives to improve health and lower costs by developing new approaches such as its unique Pharmacy Advisor program that helps people with chronic diseases such as diabetes obtain and stay on their medications. Find more information about how CVS Caremark is reinventing pharmacy for better health at info.cvscaremark.com.

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84 Peachtree Road, Suite 300
Asheville, NC 28803

Contact: Christopher Lagnese
Phone: 828 771 2869
Email: clagnese@emdeon.com

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Serving the healthcare industry since 1987, Emdeon Business Services is a leading provider of premier claims and payment management services that support the pharmacy benefit management role of managed care organizations and prescription benefit managers. Through our Prescription Benefit Solutions, we provide unsurpassed pharmacy claims adjudication, data warehousing and ancillary administrative services that enable our clients to improve claims processing efficiencies, attain total financial transparency and better control prescription drug costs.

Employee Health Insurance Management, Inc.
26711 Northwestern Hwy., Suite 400
Southfield, MI 48033

Contact: Marcy Hilton, Director of Marketing
Phone: (248) 948-9900
Fax: (248) 204-5674
Email: mhilton@ehimrx.com

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Employee Health Insurance Management, Inc. (EHIM) is a National PBM specializing in customized prescription drug plans for individual employer groups, insurance companies, TPAs, and federal agencies wishing to control costs and improve processing efficiency. Since 1989 we have set the standard for balancing quality patient care with innovative cost containment strategies. Our programs clearly demonstrate that significant savings can be achieved through a managed care approach including effective plan designs with a focus on patient education.

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Envision Pharmaceutical Services, Inc.
2181 East Aurora Road
Suite 201
Twinsburg, OH 44087

Contact: John Ewell, Executive Vice President
Phone: 925-487-3266
Fax: 916-941-3501
Email: jewell@envisionrx.com

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Envision Pharmaceutical Services pioneered the concept of transparency and full disclosure in pharmacy benefits management. A full-service PBM, Envision guarantees 100% pass-through pricing of all pharmaceutical manufacturer rebates, administrative fees and pharmacy network discounts at the point-of-sale. Envision remains on the leading edge of pharmacy benefits management and also innovative solutions to retiree prescription drug coverage including Medicare Part D and customizable Employer Group Waiver Plans. Additionally, we offer affordable healthcare solutions to the both uninsured and/or under-insured.

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Express Scripts
One Express Way
St. Louis, MO 63121

Contact: Brian Henry, Vice President Corporate Communications
Phone: 314-684-6438
Fax: 800-824-9623
Email: bhenry@express-scripts.com

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Express Scripts makes the use of prescription drugs safer and more affordable for more than 50 million Americans, including 5 million labor members. We provide innovative solutions for managing pharmacy-benefit costs and enhancing quality of care. Never owned by a drug manufacturer, Express Scripts relies on a client-centric business model that always aligns its interests with those of clients and their members. This legacy of independence guarantees that the company’s programs and original research on the pharmacy benefit serve its clients. As evidence, Express Scripts’ 61.1% generic dispensing rate leads the industry.


Healthesystems LLC
5100 W Lemon Street, Suite 311
Tampa, FL 33609

Contact: Todd Pisciotti, Vice President of Sales
Phone: (813) 769-5284
Fax: (813) 769-1881
Email: tpisciotti@healthesystems.com

Visit Healthesystems' Web site

Pharmacy & Ancillary Benefits Management Solutions for Workers’ Compensation Healthesystems combines clinical expertise, powerful analytics and deep industry experience to help workers’ compensation payers control pharmacy and ancillary medical costs. Our clinically driven, customized solutions achieve extraordinary savings for payers and improve outcomes for injured workers. Request a demonstration today.

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Humana Pharmacy Solutions
500 West Main St
Louisville KY 40202

Contact: Melanie Everhart
Phone: 502 580 2149
Email: meverhart@humana.com

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Businesses save money and have a better experience doing it when working with Humana Pharmacy Solutions. Integrating seamlessly with Humana’s holistic clinical programs – or as a stand-alone PBM – we focus on total member health while promoting safe and effective lower-cost generics. You get lower costs, a better experience, and healthy, satisfied employees. Humana Pharmacy Solutions offers nearly 20 years of pharmacy administration experience, as well award-winning guidance tools, intelligent benefit designs, and programs for early detection and better health outcomes.

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Integrated Prescription Management
7815 N Palm Avenue, Suite 400
Fresno, CA 93711

Contact: W. Troy Collins
Phone: 559 476 8000
Fax: 559 476 8001
Email: wtc@rxipm.com

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IPM provides clients of all sizes with creative and flexible PBM services and support that others will or cannot offer. Rather than simply create and administer a benefit plan with periodic changes, we work with clients to develop a structure that complements their overall benefit and identify improvement opportunities. Services include Live Call-center, Claims Processing, Clinical, IT, Reporting, Formulary, Benefit Plan and Pharmacy Network Management, Specialty and Mail. Clients’ interests come first. Therefore, IPM isn’t owned by any pharmacy or drug manufacturer, and isn’t beholden to public investors.

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Kroger Prescription Plans
1014 Vine Street
Cincinnati, OH 45202

Contact: Matthew Feltman, RPh, General Manager, B2B Sales and Service
Phone: 513 762 4860
Fax: 866-762-1014
Email: matthew.feltman@kroger.com

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Kroger Prescription Plans is a leading provider of PBM and mail order pharmacy services nationwide. Since 1993, we have specialized in serving employer groups, union trust funds, government plans, business coalitions, and TPAs. Kroger's mission is to provide superior customer service and value to our clients by improving the health and well-being of plan participants. Kroger accomplishes this through efficient claims processing systems and benefit designs, enhanced formulary management, clinically-sound initiatives, and comprehensive benefits consultation.

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Magellan Rx
15950 N. 76th Street, Suite 200
Scottsdale, AZ 85260

Contact: Steve Harper, Vice President, Marketing
Phone: 800-659-4112
Fax: 480-624-9401
Email: steve.harper2@magellanhealth.com

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Magellan Rx provides a smarter approach to pharmacy benefits. Its integrated solution combines pharmacy benefit experience, industry-leading specialty pharmacy, and 40 years of Medicaid expertise serving over half the nation’s programs into one organization, allowing Magellan Rx to leverage its collective scale and experience in managing total drug spend, while ensuring a clear focus on the specific needs of each individual customer. By truly understanding the needs of its customers, Magellan Rx Management empowers them with easy-to-use tools and insightful cost savings solutions that improve member health and help customers make more informed decisions. In addition, Magellan Rx’s medical pharmacy expertise aids employers and health plans as they seek to manage this difficult-to-track spend..

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MaxorPlus, Ltd.
320 S Polk, Suite 100
Amarillo, Texas 79101

Contact: Sawyer Clark, MBA, Senior Marketing Specialist
Phone: 806 324 5400
Fax: 806 324 5495
Email: sclark@maxor.com

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MaxorPlus is URAC accredited in Pharmacy Benefit Management Services and Mail Service Pharmacy services, providing comprehensive, cost-effective pharmacy benefits to a diverse client base of health plan providers nationwide, including commercial businesses, associations, public entities, and managed care organizations. Our clients utilize Maxor’s own retail network, Mail Service Pharmacy and Specialty Pharmacy to implement a customized pharmacy benefit program. Superior customer service, proactive Account Management, and experienced clinical pharmacists ensure the success of each program.
Since 1926, Maxor has been owned and managed by pharmacists committed to long-term partnerships and developing relationships that are uniquely personal. Our customized services, innovative financial arrangements and successful team-oriented culture have become our hallmark. Maxor’s ability to anticipate change and provide proactive, solid solutions enables us to exceed our clients’ expectations, delivering excellence in pharmacy services. Excellence in Pharmacy Services…It’s Yours with Maxor.

MedImpact Healthcare Systems, Inc.
10181 Scripps Gateway Court
San Diego, CA 92131

Contact: Susie Veladi, Vice President Sales, MBA, MPH
Phone: 858-790-6414
Fax: 858-578-0530
Email: susie.veladi@medimpact.com

Visit The MedImpact Web Site

MedImpact Healthcare Systems, Inc. (http://www.medimpact.com), founded in 1989 and headquartered in San Diego, Calif., is a full-service pharmacy benefit management (PBM) company that combines subject matter expertise with innovative technology and services to deliver better healthcare outcomes and improve its clients’ positions in the market. MedImpact provides PBM services to 47 million members of health plans, hospitals and employers in the U.S. and abroad. MedImpact’s model is unique: avoiding conflict of interest by deriving revenue from effectively managing client pharmacy benefits rather than dispensing drugs.

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MedTrak Services
7101 College Blvd., Suite 1000
Overland Park, Kansas 66210

Contact: Tracey Hopper, Vice President Marketing
Phone: 913.262.6851
Email: thopper@medtrakservices.com

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MedTrak Services is an independent prescription benefit management company. Independent of ownership ties with pharmacies, insurance companies and drug manufacturers, MedTrak provides the ability to deliver pharmacy and health care related services that produce the best results for clients and their members. MedTrak offers a complete suite of innovative PBM services, but what sets MedTrak apart, is a commitment to deliver unparalleled customer service to meet the needs of clients and their members.

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Meridian Rx, LLC
1001 Woodward, Suite 600
Detroit, MI 48226
866 984 6462

Contact: Raymond D. Pitera
Phone: 248 763 3252
Fax: 313 202 0050
Email: rpitera@meridianrx.com

Visit the MeridianRx website

MeridianRx is a full-service Pharmacy Benefit Manager (PBM) committed to transparency, quality and service. Our clients have complete network access, lower administrative fees, and fast, reliable claims processing. MeridianRx clients also see better quality outcomes, thanks to effective clinical support, patient education and specialty pharmacy programs.

MeridianRx offers outstanding service, with a 24/7 toll-free pharmacy help line, dedicated provider service representatives and on-call pharmacists to ensure that your questions are answered promptly.
For more information about MeridianRx, please call 1-866-984-6462.

P.O. Box 274070
Tampa, FL 33688

Contact: Kendra Karagozian, PharmD, Clinical Pharmacist
Phone: 813-425-9662
Fax: 813-868-1943
Email: kkaragozian@mymatrixx.com

Visit myMatrixx's Website

myMatrixx is a pharmacy services company, specializing in pain management and recovery. Through our Web portal and proprietary technology we reduce client's costs while providing the benefit recipient with the most responsible and efficient outcome. Our services are delivered to self-insured employers, third party administrators, managed care companies, workers' compensation and auto insurance companies. We provide a nationwide network of more than 61,000 retail pharmacies, a corporately owned mail-order and compounding pharmacy, and an information-based clinical pharmacy program.


Navitus Health Solutions LLC
2601 West Beltline Hwy, Suite 600
Madison, WI 53713

Contact: Byron Mickle, Senior Vice President, Sales & Marketing
Phone: 608 729 1543
Fax: 608 729 2543
Email: sales@navitus.com

Visit the Navitus Website

Challenge the PBM industry status quo—Experience unsurpassed financial control and quantifiable value with the Navitus URAC-accredited, 100% pass-through business model. Realize improved health outcomes and lower costs through quality-of-care solutions that empower your members to lead healthier lives. Benefit from tailored cost containment strategies that deliver lowest net PMPM drug cost performance and year-over-year trend rates that consistently fall well below the national trend. Navitus proudly serves all markets and invites you to Share a Clear View with us.


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Omeda Rx
100 S.W. Market Street
P.O. Box 1271
Portland, OR 97207

Contact: SuAnn Stone
Phone: 206-332-3813
Email: suann.stone@omedarx.com

Now you can pair your health plan with the PBM that puts clinical evidence to the test—OmedaRx formularies deliver the safest, most effective medications at the lowest net price. And because we live and work where you do, you’ll have an attentive partner who understands the marketplace and is ready and available to collaborate when you are.
OmedaRx is the parent company of RegenceRx, which has provided PBM services to self-funded employers and insurers for over 20 years, including the largest health plans in the Pacific Northwest. Our depth of experience and evidence-based approach are unmatched; no other PBM in the country puts medications through such a rigorous assessment process. Why do we do it? So you can feel confident that your formulary puts the safest, most effective medications into your employees’ hands—at the best possible price. Highlights include:
 · Dedicated team focused on your business
 · Over 60,000 participating pharmacies, including all major chains
 · Extra discounts via mail order and for specialty pharmacy needs
 · Prospective, concurrent and retrospective drug utilization review edits
 · Dose optimization
 · Medication safety and monitoring
 · Medication adherence, education and intervention programs
 · Insights-oriented data and reporting
 · State-of-the-art claims processing and quality control

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17900 Von Karman, CA 139-022
Irvine, CA 92614

Contact: Althea N. Mensah, Senior Manager Market Research
Phone: 949-252-4354
Email: althea.mensah@optum.com

Visit OptumRx's Web Site

OptumRx specializes in the delivery, clinical management and affordability of prescription medications and consumer health products. We offer high-quality, integrated services, including claims processing, mail service, specialty drug management and award-winning clinical programs. Our expertise serving large companies, unions/trusts and managed care organizations enables us to deliver optimal member outcomes, superior savings and outstanding customer service. We are an Optum company — a leading provider of integrated health services.  

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921 Pleasant Valley Avenue, Suite 425
Mt. Laurel, NJ 08054

Contact: Gerard Ferro, Chief Executive Officer
Phone: 609 774 5784
Fax: 800 976 0093
Email: jferro@pbarx.com

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PBARx is a completely transparent, privately owned and operated Pharmacy Benefit Administrator (PBA) which makes use of proprietary software, a national retail pharmacy network of over 60,000 pharmacies, strategic mail order pharmacies, and specialty pharmacy partnerships.  We offer industry revolutionizing Point of Sale technology, Maintenance Medication programs at retail and mail order and incentivized generic offerings designed to maximize safety, efficacy and contain costs, bringing unprecedented discounts and savings to the Prescription Benefit market.

PBM Plus, Inc.
an Omnicare Company
300 TechneCenter Drive Suite B
Milford, OH 45150

Contact: Klaus A. Hieber, R. Ph., President
Phone: (513) 248-3281
Email: Khieber@pbmplus.com

Visit PBM Plus' Web site

PBM Plus empowers its clients to provide customized pharmacy benefits to their members by providing a tailored benefit to meet their needs. Unlike other PBMs that outsource many services, we provide a seamless integrated solution to pharmacy benefit administration designed around our client’s needs. PBM Plus leverages the assets of the Omnicare Specialty Care Group to deliver a full range of pharmacy benefit services in a cost effective, integrated offering. Because PBM Plus is not owned or influenced by pharmaceutical manufacturers, insurance companies or retail pharmacy chains, we focus solely on meeting the needs of our clients and are free to make recommendations that benefit them and their members who achieve complete satisfaction from our product integration, customization and unequaled service.

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200 Stevens Drive, Suite 400
Philadelphia, PA 19113

Contact: John Butts, Director of Marketing Relations
Phone: 215-937-8073
Fax: 215-863-5100
Email: john.butts@performrx.com


PerformRx provides innovative, cost-effective pharmacy benefit management services for Medicaid, Medicare and commercial health plans. Through a distinctive, high-touch approach, PerformRx partners with health plans to improve patient outcomes and financial performance. PerformRx bases its success on a clinical focus that is driven by cutting-edge, proprietary technology.

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Pharmaceutical Technologies, Inc.
13660 California Street, Suite 300
Omaha, NE 68154

Contact: Chris LaFever, President and Chief Executive Officer
Phone: (402) 964-9030
Fax: (402) 964-9004
Email: clafever@pti-nps.com

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Top Three Reasons for choosing Pharmaceutical Technologies, Inc. (PTI):

VALUE – services priced fairly through Maximum Allowable Cost programs, discounted network, and rebate programs. No hidden transaction fees. PTI offers a 24/7 customer service center, a nationwide network of over 63,500 pharmacies and a complete Mail Order program.

INNOVATION – access to real-time reports, online administration and information, and claim activity tracking.

TRUST – we are Data Secure using data for knowledge, not sales and have been doing business with integrity since 1992.

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Pharmacy Benefit Dimensions
511 Farber Lakes Drive
Buffalo, New York 14221

Contact: Mike Reilly, President
Phone: (716) 250-7379
Email: mike.reilly@pbdrx.com

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Pharmacy Benefit Dimensions provides pharmacy benefit management services to self-funded clients nationwide and since 1998 has been helping companies gain greater control over the prescription drug component of their health care programs. In fact, PBD’s expertise has consistently helped organizations achieve an additional 15-25% savings in just the first year.

Pharmacy Data Management, Inc.
1170 E. Western Reserve Road
Poland, OH 44514

Contact: Karen Cessna, Director of Sales
Phone: 330-757-0724 ext. 5015
Fax: 330-757-7100
Email: sales@pdmi.com

Visit the PDMI Website.

Pharmacy Data Management, Inc. collaborates with a variety of clients (e.g., vertically integrated health plans, hospital systems, private-label PBMs, 340B pharmacies, etc.) to enable comprehensive, high-speed and precise pharmacy benefit management/administration. For more than 26 years, PDMI has originated and implemented effective strategies and technology solutions, customized and scaled specifically to support their clients’ business objectives. In an industry that is often muddied by complex pricing schemes and conflicts of interest, PDMI delivers a unique combination of independent guidance, technical excellence, transparent pricing and a relentless passion for exceptional service.

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PharmAvail Benefit Management
3380 Trickum Road
Bldg.400, 100
Woodstock, Georgia 31088

Contact: Charles Callihan, R.Ph., CDM. Business Development
Phone: (800) 933-3734
Fax: (678) 236-0415
Email: ccallihan@pharmavail.com

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PharmAvail Benefit Management has twenty-plus years experience in the delivery of transparent and fully-disclosed drug benefit services to employers, TPAs, and government. Few, if any, of our competitors accept full fiduciary responsibility for every aspect of the pharmacy benefit plan. We do, and clearly insert this fiduciary acceptance into contract language with our clients.

Our services are fully integrated and flexible, including national retail, mail, and specialty pharmacy networks. PharmAvail does not own any retail, mail or specialty pharmacies, a clear and definable "conflict of interest” inherent to many of our competitors. Dynamic and prospective drug plan management, that does not include influence by pharmaceutical manufacturers, clearly sets us apart within the field.

Phoenix Benefits Management
410 Peachtree Parkway
Suite 4225
Cumming, GA 30041

Contact: Teresa Fields, Business Development
Phone: 678.208.6252
Fax: 678.208.6255
Email: teresa.fields@phoenixPBM.com

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Phoenix Benefits Management provides Pharmacy Benefits Management services, 340b services, and Prescription Savings cards to self-funded employee groups, TPA's, hospitals, municipalities and individuals. We strive to provide the best benefits at the lowest possible price, while meeting all of our clients' needs. Our management team has over 50 years of combined industry experience and we provide a Nationwide Pharmacy Network that includes ALL major chain pharmacies. We also offer our clients customizable reporting tools, dashboard technology and a client-driven and success oriented industry-trained staff. Our Expertise. Your Success. Innovation starts here.

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175 Kelsey Lane
Tampa, Fl 33619

Contact: Helen Pantuso
Phone: (813) 627-2731
Fax: (813) 664-0774
Email: helen.pantuso@pmsionline.com

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PMSI—The Only Solution You Need. Founded in 1976, today PMSI is one of the nation’s largest providers of specialty managed care services and products for workers’ compensation and catastrophically injured populations. PMSI provides a best-in-class integrated portfolio of services in Pharmacy, Medicare Set-Asides, Medical Services and Equipment, and Clinical Services that promotes quality care for injured workers while helping clients contain costs and control utilization.

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Prime Therapeutics
1305 Corporate Center Drive
Eagan, MN 55121

Contact: Arlys Stadum, Senior Director, Communications
Phone: 612.777.5930
Fax: 612-777-4760
Email: astadum@primetherapeutics.com

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Prime Therapeutics LLC (Prime) helps people get the medicine they need to feel better and live well. Prime manages pharmacy benefits for health plans, employers, and government programs including Medicare and Medicaid. The company processes claims and delivers medicine to members, offering clinical services for people with complex medical conditions. Headquartered in St. Paul, Minn., Prime serves more than 23 million people. It is collectively owned by 13 Blue Cross and Blue Shield Plans, subsidiaries or affiliates of those plans. Prime has been recognized as one of the fastest-growing private companies in the nation.  

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ProAct, Inc.
6333 Route 298
E. Syracuse, NY 13057

Contact: David Warner, RPh
Phone: 315 413 7780
Fax: 315 432 9113
Email: davewarner@proactrx.com

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ProAct, Inc. is a pharmacy benefit management company that has successfully built a client base by creating a competitive, service oriented niche in the PBM industry. The flexibility of plan designs has been beneficial to all of our employer groups. Our unique, non-disruptive Therapeutic Alternative Program saves our Clients millions of dollars annually on prescription drugs.

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ProCare Rx PBM
1267 Professional Parkway
Gainesville, GA 30507

Contact: Steve Treff, President
Phone: 800-377-1037
Fax: 678-248-3176
Email: streff@procarerx.com

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ProCare Rx provides superior, full service and customizable Pharmacy Benefit Management (PBM) programs and solutions at the lowest net cost in the market. For over 25 years, we have offered a crystal clear, full pass-through PBM business model option to Health Plans, Employer Groups and other purchasers of PBM services. Privately held with sound financials and resources, we have offered "transparency" for well over a decade and will continue to lead the charge for disclosure, along with industry-leading reporting and analytics, to enable our clients the ability to measure our value based on costs and services actually delivered.
Our fair and square pricing provides the financial results and commitment to "Manage Your Pharmacy Benefit, One Prescription at a Time.”

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Progressive Medical Inc.
250 Progressive Way
Westerville, OH 43082

Contact: Sarah Berger, Vice President Marketing
Phone: 614 212 8255
Email: marketing@progressive-medical.com

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Progressive Medical, through a national network, offers cost management services and products to the workers’ compensation and auto no-fault insurance industries. For more than 25 years, Progressive Medical has been developing innovative pharmacy management and ancillary solutions for its clients. By combining clinical expertise with the highest possible retail pharmacy network penetration, home health care services and medical equipment, Progressive Medical enables its clients to manage costs while providing quality care to injured parties – more control, better outcomes.

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Ramsell Corporation
200 Webster Street, Suite 200
Oakland, CA 94607

Contact: Jerry Crank, Director of Sales
Phone: (510) 587-2660
Fax: (510) 587-2729
Email: jcrank@ramsellcorp.com

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Ramsell has been creating positive outcomes for the health and safety of underserved populations since 1964. We help organizations maximize limited resources through cost-effective coordination of care and services for complex populations managed by public health programs, education and corrections. Ramsell offers highly-configurable, web-based technology solutions, services and expertise to assist our clients in connecting people to the services they need. Ramsell provides customizable program services and configurable solutions for:
· Pharmacy Benefit Management
· State ADAP Solutions, Currently Covering 33% of the Nation's ADAP Claims
· Medication Therapy Management, Including Specialized HIV MTM Services
· 340B Program Management
· Correctional Applications
· Behavioral Health Pharmacy Program Management
Our passion is to assist organizations that serve complex populations to ensure vital services are reaching those most in need of them. This includes uninsured and underinsured people, inmates, parolees, cancer patients, people living with HIV/AIDS, at-risk patients, and behavioral health patients, just to name a few. Our mission is to connect people to the resources they need, delivered with dignity, every time, to ensure their best life possible.
Contact us today to see how we can help you maximize your benefit and program investments for a better future in uncertain times. Request a demo or call free at 1-888-900-6635.  

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Restat L.L.C.
11900 W. Lake Park Drive
Milwaukee, WI 53224

Contact: Dustin Conrad
Phone: (800) 926-5858
Email: dconrad@restat.com

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Restat is member of the Dohmen family of companies. Restat simplifies the purchase and use of healthcare services through independent health benefits management. As the largest independent PBM, Restat has no ownership ties to drug manufacturers or distribution channels, making it uniquely positioned to provide customers with unbiased benefit management solutions. Today, more than 4,200 companies, ranging in size from the Fortune 50 to small managed care organizations rely on Restat to manage the prescription benefit for over 12.2 million people nationwide. Our services include but are not limited to: Customer Service, Clinical, IT & Reporting, Formulary, Benefit Plan and Pharmacy Network Management, Claims processing, Specialty Pharmacy and Mail Service.

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ScriptGuideRx, Inc.
15400 Jefferson Avenue
Grosse Point Park, MI 48230

Contact: Ime Ekpenyong, PhD, Vice President
Phone: 313 821 3200 Ext 203
Email: iekpenyong@scriptguiderx.com

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ScriptGuideRX, Inc. (SGRX) is a privately held, independent Michigan Corporation providing Pharmacy Benefit Management (PBM) services to private and public entities nationally.
Since its inception, SGRX has consistently embraced the philosophy of flexibility, innovation, and transparency.  Our partnership approach and emphasis on service make us unique - we put our client's best interest FIRST.
ScriptGuideRX offers a customizable suit of programs and services tailored to each client's needs, including:
     - An unparalleled, personalized approach to member services that emphasizes problem resolution
     - Collaborative, hands-on account management
     - An inclusive approach to Trend Management that engages all key stakeholders; Payer, Members, Physicians & Pharmacies
     - Flexible formulary management & benefit design
Our goal is clinically appropriate & cost-effective solutions that promote good health for members while helping payers manage health care trend.
SGRX offers performance and savings guarantees as well as full audit rights.
ScriptGuideRX has no ties to any pharmacies or any other industry related companies.  SGRX has a national network of over 61,000 pharmacies and contracts with industry leading mail and specialty providers to avoid any conflict of interest.

6025 E San Marino
Tucson, AZ 85715

Contact: Marcus Szedzinski, Executive Vice President
Phone: 520 977 0538
Email: msredzinski@scriptsave.com

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ScriptSave is a consumer pharmacy benefits management company, and a leading innovator in the 100% co-pay market. We have over 18 years of experience bringing pharmacies and consumers together, and have saved consumers over $3.8 billion in prescription drug costs through our prescription savings programs. ScriptSave provides customized prescription drug benefit solutions for consumers; delivered through retail pharmacies, health insurance companies, employers and Pharmacy Benefits Management companies.

Serve You Custom Prescription Management
10201 Innovative Drive, Suite 600
Milwaukee, WI 53226

Contact: Kelly Schmidt
Phone: 414 410 8121
Email: kschmitt@serve-you-rx.com

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Serve You handcrafts custom pharmacy benefit management solutions for self-insured employers, third part administrators, insurance carriers, HMOs and other payer groups throughout the United States. Our name is our mission: To serve clients with customized solutions, education and empowerment, and superior service. We offer prescription claims processing, formulary and rebate management, clinical programs, customer reporting capabilities, integrated mail service and retail pharmacy networks, custom benefit plan design and management, and consultative services. Our national retail pharmacy network numbers more than 61,000 participating pharmacies. At Serve You, we also own and operate our own mail order pharmacy and customer services call center 

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US Script, Inc.
2425 W. Shaw Avenue
Fresno, CA 93711

Contact: Elisa McNamara, Director of Marketing and Strategy
Phone: (559) 244-3790
Fax: (559) 244-3793
Email: emcnamara@usscript.com

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US Script provides clinically sound and fiscally responsible pharmacy benefit management programs that enhance our members' quality of care. US Script partners with clients to understand their benefit needs and builds customized plan designs, clinical programs, technology strategies, and other services to meet their drug management goals. US Script has built a reputation for managing accounts of varying sizes and complexities, offering exceptional service, unparalleled value, and "out of the box" solutions. For more information, visit http://www.usscript.com/.


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VRx Pharmacy Services
4190 South Highland Drive
Suite 250
Salt Lake City, UT 84124

Contact: Doug Burgoyne, PharmD
Phone: 801 365 0290
Email: dburgoyne@myvrx.com

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VRx Pharmacy Services, also known simply as VRx, was founded to provide health plans and self-insured employers with unique solutions to challenges not otherwise satisfied by current processes. Our parent company, Veridicus Holding Company, is grounded by the Latin meaning of its name – Speaking Truth. This is not just our namesake, but our mission as well.
VRx serves health plan and employer clients with an in-house strategy that leverages traditional commodity PBM functions such as claims processing and mail service pharmacy. VRx uses a true-cost model of prescription drug pricing that eliminates the traditional spread model. What this means is that our clients pay the same price that is contracted with the pharmacy network. As a transparent partner VRx is able to align goals with each customer. We offer innovative benefit and administrative strategies that provide financial and benefit value to each Plan and their participants at the lowest cost.


PO Box 4517
Englewood, CO 80155-4517

Contact: Melanie Greene, Sales Operations Manager
Phone: 888-479-2000 x8214
Fax: (720) 895-3107
Email: mgreene@welldynerx.com

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WellDyneRx is a national leader in providing innovative pharmacy benefit management solutions. Our commitment to incredible service, coupled with our advanced robotic technology, allows us to offer a comprehensive range of prescription management services. We are committed to delivering pharmacy solutions that provide the highest quality benefits while managing costs.

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