Incorporating Patient Reported Outcomes and Real-World Evidence in Specialty Pharmacy Management to Improve Clinical Outcomes

When it comes to the complexities associated with specialty medications, the traditional patient education approach of throwing information at them can leave patients feeling overwhelmed, confused, and in search of additional support.

Patient engagement programs are intended to guide patients through the journey of treating their chronic condition.  Motivational Interviewing can enhance that experience by finding a patient’s motivation to make positive decisions to accomplish goals, while blending the necessary clinical skills with valuable people skills.  This approach, which relies on patient-centered conversations focused on what inspires each patient as an individual, can help health coaches break down fears and uncertainties regarding specialty medications.

This session will highlight how motivational interviewing, when applied to a specialty pharmacy patient engagement program, can lead to breakthrough interventions which benefit the patient and improve medication adherence.


Patty Taddei-Allen  PharmD, MBA, Director, Outcomes Research, WellDyneRx
Nick Page  PharmD, Chief Pharmacy Officer, WellDyneRx


Wednesday, March 6, 11:25 am to 12:15 pm - Track 3