The 25 Year PBM Shift: How PBM’s Have Managed Drug Trend…Then & Now

During this presentation, the speakers will provide a look back through history, with how PBMs began to manage drug spend, and how certain trend management tactics have begun to re-emerge. Today, 90% of traditional prescriptions dispensed are generic and 50% of pharmacy costs are driven by the 2% of the patients taking specialty medications. In today’s world, distinct programs for complex patients that drive pharmacy spend – programs that manage utilization while engaging patients and physicians, are key to controlling costs. While different market forces have necessitated innovation in ways to manage drug spend, the same basic tenets can be seen woven through the past 25 years.


Patty Taddei-Allen  PharmD, MBA, Senior Director, Clinical Analytics, WellDyne
Nick Page  PharmD, Chief Pharmacy Officer, WellDyne


Tuesday, March 3, 8:30 am to 9:15 am - General Session