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PBMI offers online courses on various aspects of pharmacy benefit management. Each course is CE accredited for pharmacists and pharmacy technicians.

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100-Level Courses

PBM 101: Introduction to Pharmacy Benefit Management

Approximate Length: 40 Minutes
(ACPE UAN 0221-9999-17-143-H04-P/T, Contact Hrs 0.75)

PBM 102: Introduction to Specialty Pharmacy Benefit Management

Approximate Length: 50 Minutes
(ACPE UAN 0221-9999-17-144-H04-P/T, Contact Hrs 1.0)

200-Level Courses

PBM 201: Plan Design for the Pharmacy Benefit  

Approximate Length: 50 Minutes
(ACPE UAN 0221-9999-17-362-H04-P/T, Contact Hrs 1.0)

PBM 202: Utilization Management Tools for the Pharmacy Benefit

Approximate Length: 40 Minutes
(ACPE UAN 0221-9999-17-363-H04-P/T, Contact Hrs 0.75)

PBM 203: Specialty Medication Management  

Approximate Length: 40 Minutes
(ACPE UAN 0221-9999-17-364-H04-P/T, Contact Hrs 0.75)

PBM 204: Contract Pricing for Pharmacy Benefit Management Services  

Approximate Length: 60 Minutes
(ACPE UAN 0221-9999-17-365-H04-P/T, Contact Hrs 1.0)

300-Level Courses

PBM 301: An Introduction to the 340B Drug Discount Program

Approximate Length: 40 Minutes
(ACPE UAN 0221-9999-18-126-H04-P/T, Contact Hrs 0.75)

PBM 302: An Introduction to PBM Audits

Approximate Length: 55 Minutes
(ACPE UAN 0221-9999-18-127-H04-P/T, Contact Hrs 1.0)

PBM 303: An Introduction to Drug Coupons and Copay Assistance Programs

Approximate Length: 50 Minutes
(ACPE UAN 0221-9999-18-282-H04-P/T, Contact Hrs 1.0)

PBM 304: An Introduction to Orphan Drugs

Approximate Length: 45 Minutes
(ACPE UAN 0221-9999-18-392-H04-P/T, Contact Hrs 1.0)

PBM 305: An Introduction to Value-Based Contracting

Approximate Length: 40 Minutes
(ACPE UAN 0221-9999-19-007-H04-P/T, Contact Hrs 1.0)


100 Series Bundle:

PBM 101 & 102

Both classes for $260
(10% savings)

2 Class Bundle:

PBM 204 & 302

Both classes for $338
(15% savings)

200 Series Bundle:

PBM 201, 202, 203, 204

All 4 classes for $700
(over 10% savings)

6 Class Bundle:

PBM 101, 102, 201-204

All 6 classes for $799
(over 25% savings)

300 Series Bundle:

PBM 301, 302, 303, 304, 305

All 5 classes for $875
(over 10% savings)

11 Class Bundle:

PBM 101, 102, 201-204, 301-305

All 11 classes for $1,525
(over 25% savings)

CE Accreditation

These CE activities are jointly provided by ProCE, Inc. and Pharmacy Benefit Management Institute. ProCE, Inc. is accredited by the Accreditation Council for Pharmacy Education as a provider of continuing pharmacy education.

Target Audience

The target audience for this activity includes pharmacists and pharmacy technicians.


Rebecca Sedjo, PhD, MSPH
Research Director
Pharmacy Benefit Management Institute
Note: this information is current at the time of publication

Sharon Glave Frazee, PhD, MPH
Vice President of Research and Education
Pharmacy Benefit Management Institute
Note: this information is current at the time of publication

ACPE Universal Activity Numbers 0221-9999-17-143-H04-P/T, 0221-9999-17-144-H04-P/T, 0221-9999-17-362-H04-P/T, 0221-9999-17-363-H04-P/T, 0221-9999-17-364-H04-P/T, 0221-9999-17-365-H04-P/T, 0221-9999-18-126-H04-P/T, 0221-9999-18-127-H04-P/T, 0221-9999-18-282-H04-P/T, 0221-9999-18-392-H04-P/T, and 0221-9999-19-007-H04-P/T have been assigned to these knowledge-based, home-study activities (initial release date for PBM 101 is 5-9-2017, PBM 102 is 6-16-2017, the 200 level courses is 8-25-2017, PBM 301 is 5-10-2018, PBM 302 is 6-15-2018, PBM 303 is 7-13-2018, PBM 304 is 10-12-18, and PBM 305 is 4-23-19). These activities are approved for a total of 10.0 contact hours (1.0 CEUs) in states that recognize ACPE providers. These CE activities are each provided for a fee. Completion of the evaluation for each activity is required to receive CE credit. No partial credit will be given.

PBM 101: Release Date 5-9-2017, Expiration Date 5-9-2020
PBM 102: Release Date 6-16-2017, Expiration Date 6-16-2020
PBM 201, 202, 203, and 204: Release Date 8-25-2017, Expiration Date 8-25-2020
PBM 301: Release Date 5-10-2018, Expiration Date 5-10-2021
PBM 302: Release Date 6-15-2018, Expiration Date 6-15-2021
PBM 303: Release Date 7-13-2018, Expiration Date 7-13-2021
PBM 304: Release Date 10-12-2018, Expiration Date 10-12-2021
PBM 305: Release Date 4-23-2019, Expiration Date 4-23-2022


It is the policy of ProCE, Inc. to ensure balance, independence, objectivity and scientific rigor in all of its continuing education activities. Faculty must disclose to participants any significant financial interest or affiliation with companies that manufacture or market products discussed in CE activities. Rebecca Sedjo is a former employee of PBMI. Sharon Glave Frazee is a current employee of PBMI.

Please note: The information and views presented in this activity are those of the faculty through clinical practice and knowledge of the professional literature. Portions of this activity may include the use of drugs and/or devices for unlabeled indications, which should be considered experimental. Participants are advised to consult manufacturer product information and the professional literature, and use professional judgment in applying the presented information in patient-care activities.

This activity is self-funded by Pharmacy Benefit Management Institute.