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Medication Safety Management Empowered by Genetics: Improving Patient
Outcomes and Lowering Costs

Tuesday, June 25th | 1:30 pm Eastern

An individual’s genetics impacts their specific response to medications, thus affecting safety and efficacy. A comprehensive Medication Therapy Management (MTM) with genetics program has been shown to improve medication adherence, appropriateness, and reduce adversity associated with chronic conditions. Specifically, results have shown a 29% reduction in hospitalizations, 18% in Rx spend, and 24% in “slips & falls.” In a state-run retiree population, the overall reduction in cost-to-plan spending was >19% and increased member satisfaction.

Dr. Jeff Shaman, of Coriell Life Sciences, will share perspectives into the strategic reduction of healthcare costs by educating and engaging employees in a Medication Therapy Management program that incorporates genetics.


Jeff Shaman, PhD
Chief Science Officer

Biosimilars: Balancing Cost, Competition, Innovation, & Regulatory Impact

Thursday, July 25th | 1:30 pm Eastern

National conference breakout session encore

This session will tackle the tough issues related to biosimilars and offer new perspectives on pricing barriers to biosimilar market entry, pricing dynamics of biosimilars/reference products, and lost savings opportunity due to slow uptake of biosimilars. Information on the long term savings opportunity of biosimilars and key differences with biologics, biosimilars, reference, generics, and interchangeable products will be presented. Results of the June 2018 Confidio led Physician Biosimilar Discussion Panel, offering Physician’s perspective to utilization barriers, will be presented. Looking forward, the future 2019 biosimilar pipeline and projected 2031 biosimilar maturing schedule will be evaluated with the biosimilar licensure criteria used to demonstrate highly similar, clinically meaningful efficacy, and equal biosimilar safety. As part of federal efforts to reduce drug cost and expedite approval and market launch, this session will evaluate Biosimilar regulatory developments & the 2018 FDA Biosimilar Action Plan. Attendees will appreciate a robust overview of biosimilars related to price, market competition, innovation, and regulatory impact.

Sonja Quale, PharmD
Chief Clinical Officer & Vice President Informatics
           Scott Vogel

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