We’re Accepting Submissions for
PBMI’s 2018 Excellence Award




Do you have a program that your organization delivers to the marketplace that addresses challenges in prescription drug programs and yields high quality results?

Email your submission to marketing@pbmi.com for PBMI’s 2018 Excellence Award today - Deadline is December 1st!

Pharmacy management is complex and PBMI is dedicated to recognizing organizations for their contributions in promoting innovative and best-in-class strategies that address cost challenges of prescription drug management. We will host our 23rd Annual National Conference in Palm Springs, California at the Westin Mission Hills Golf Resort & Spa Hotel next year (March 5-7, 2018).

The PBMI Excellence Award Ceremony will be held on March 6th. We are looking for submissions from organizations who have demonstrated excellence in the areas of:
  • Cost Containment
  • Quality Improvement
  • Care Management Strategies

Organizations are encouraged to send in multiple submissions.

Award Objectives

  • Recognize contributions of organizations
  • Showcase the organizations programs/products that resulted in improved cost, quality or care


Evaluation Process

The evaluation process will be as follows:
  1. All submissions will be blinded (e.g., submitter and company information de-identified) and sent to an evaluation panel for review.
  2. All submissions will be reviewed and scored.  The panel will rank submissions based on their contribution to improving outcomes and/or processes within pharmacy benefit management.
  3. The highest ranking submissions will be evaluated by the PBMI Evaluation Committee to determine overall winners.


How to Submit

The following information should be included in each submission:

Program/Pilot/Product Description

Describe your program/product in 1,500 words or less.

Achieved outcomes

(e.g., improved health outcomes, realized savings) please be specific about the level of cost savings, care improvement, etc.)  Outline the achieved outcomes in 500 words or less.  Please include graphics (i.e., bar charts, pie charts, tables, etc.,) that illustrate your results, if appropriate.

Lessons learned

Summarize the lessons learned in 250 words or less.  Submitters may bullet key points, if desired (no word limit on bullets).

Supplemental Documentation (optional)

If you have any supplemental documentation that you would like to provide, please name the information as “[Insert Program/Product Name] Supplemental Documentation” and submit with your submission.  Please reference the document in your description.

A nationwide press release announcing winners will be distributed on the day of the award ceremony and winners will have the opportunity to:

  • Participate in a formal awards ceremony at PBMI’s 2018 National Conference, March 6, 2018 at the Westin Mission Hills Golf Resort & Spa Hotel, Palm Springs, California
  • Receive personal photographs of the award presentation
  • Proudly display your company’s Excellence Award button on your website, and in both internal and external collaterals. PBMI will provide graphic.
  • Receive recognition in conference booklet distributed to all attendees
  • Be featured in the conference mobile application
  • Have your organization and award highlighted on the PBMI website.
  • Receive recognition on PBMI’s social media channels – LinkedIn page and Twitter (@The_PBMI).

Entries for The PBMI Excellence Award is now open
Deadline is now December 1, 2017.

If you have any questions about this award or the process, please email marketing@pbmi.com.

We look forward to receiving your submissions!