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A Solution to the Generic Drug Price Inflation: Compound Alternatives

Tuesday, September 11th | 1:30 pm Eastern

Over the past two years, the pharmacy industry has seen an an unprecedented surge in generic pricing, which has led to an unexpected increase in cost for many key stakeholders in the pharmaceutical supply chain. Under high generic drug prices, patients face higher copays and even decline their medications due to increased out-of-pocket costs. Plan sponsors struggle with higher drug spend and pharmacies receive inadequate reimbursements. Meanwhile, prescribers and pharmacists are switching disgruntled patients to alternative drug therapies, while plan sponsors scurry around to save on costs. PBMs and plan sponsors are now seeking guidance from local compounding pharmacists in search of compound alternatives. These alternatives are for medications that are on short supply, no longer on the market, and whose prices have been excessively inflated. Products such as Daraprim, oral vancomycin, Zovirax, and colchicine, are just a few examples of such medications that contain a compounding alternative in today’s market place.

This webinar will present results from compound alternative programs using claims information.

Del Doherty, PharmD, PhD, MPH, Vice President, PersonalMed, LLC
Angela Van Dyke, CPhT, Client Development Manager, PersonalMed, LLC

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Game On! Helping Patients Win Through Innovative Solutions

Tuesday, September 25th | 1:30 pm Eastern

As humans, we all derive some emotional satisfaction from playing a game. It's the reason why Candy Crush Saga has 50 million active monthly users on Facebook. Playing a game gives us a reward, provides an opportunity to socialize, offers a distraction from the stresses of everyday life, and is just downright fun.

Games and healthcare are two words that don't always find themselves in the same sentence. Until now. Learn how Express Scripts is keeping patients engaged daily in their care through a fun, user-friendly mobile experience.

Kyle Amelung, PharmD, Sr Clinical Consultant Digital Solutions, Express Scripts

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