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May 2017

Value Frameworks for Evaluating Specialty Drugs - The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly​
With the skyrocketing cost trends for specialty drugs, payers are looking for ways to get the best "bang for their buck."

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April 2017

Location, Location, Location: It Matters for More than Just Real Estate​
Understanding price differentials based on the site of care is critical for plan sponsors managing high-cost specialty drugs that are infused, require administration by healthcare providers, and/or are frequently covered under the medical benefit.

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March 2017

Hepatitis C Drug Management: High Hopes for Patients, High Costs for Plan Sponsors​
Until late 2013, people living with the chronic hepatitis C virus had only limited treatment options, and these had limited success rates. This all changed in December 2013 with the launch of the first interferon-free treatment option. These new drugs are highly effective but come with a high price tag.

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February 2017

Heart Disease Prevalence and Drug Treatment Costs​
Heart disease is a significant cost burden on U.S. healthcare. Cardivascular is ranked number one in terms of personal healthcare spending with 2013 costs of $231 billion.

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January 2017

Pharmacists Play a Key Role in Driving Value to the Pharmacy Benefit​
As prescription drug costs become a larger percentage of total health spend, plan sponsors, health plans, PBMs, providers, and others responsible for managing the cost and quality of pharmacy-related care should consider the role pharmacists play in their healthcare strategy.

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