PBM 302, An Introduction to PBM Audits, is designed for those who have no knowledge of PBM audits but who are familiar with the basic features of pharmacy benefit management.

This course covers 5 key areas important to setting a foundation in the understanding of PBM audits.
 The reasons a plan sponsor would request an audit of their PBM and the types of audits commonly used
 Common contractual language that can limit the plan sponsor's ability to conduct an audit
 The key elements of PBM audits -- drug spend, administrative fees, rebates, plan design, eligibility, performance guarantees, and savings guarantees
 The steps in an audit process, the time range needed to complete it, and the documentation required
 Best practices for conducting an audit of a PBM
Please note you are able to access the course until the assessment has been passed. Once the assessment is complete, you will no longer be able to view the course. We strongly recommend taking notes for future reference.