2016 Excellence Award Winners

Six organizations were recognized for exceptional contributions across the pharmacy management continuum in the areas of care management strategies, cost containment, and quality improvement.

Care Management Strategies Category

Jane Lutz, Executive Director, PBMI (center) presents Jane Walbrun, Associate Director, Benefits Duke University and Health (right) and Victoria Lee Jackson Carter, PharmD, Senior Clinical Account Executive, Express Scripts (left) with the award.

Duke University and Health System:

Duke University and Health System is recognized for its program to meet the challenges of a dynamic health care environment where costs are rising, regulations flourish, and it is more important than ever to ensure the right clinical decisions are made for prescription drug benefits. Working with their PBM, they hired a dedicated, full-time clinical pharmacist to work closely with their Benefits office.  The clinical pharmacist developed relationships with prescribers to increase awareness of opportunities for cost-effective prescribing and help them navigate formulary changes saving the plan $7.72 million.  Additionally, the clinical pharmacist worked with the PBM to develop and implement programs to reduce out of pocket costs for patients and improved medication adherence.

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Manatee “YourChoice” Health Plan:

Manatee “YourChoice” Health Plan is an employer-sponsored self-insured plan for Manatee County, Florida Government employees, is recognized for its in-house Specialty Medication Management Program.  A Pharmacy Advocate, staffed by a clinical pharmacist, provides one-on-one pharmacy case management for members using specialty medications. The Pharmacy Advocate plays an integral role in managing the logistics of meeting both prescriber and the patients’ specialty medication needs including managing prior authorization, identifying possible opportunities for dose titration or less expensive therapeutics options, and providing patient education, and counseling. This program has contributed to a 27% avoidance in specialty drug costs.

Representative from Manatee “YourChoice” Health Plan unable to attend ceremony.

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Cost Containment Category

Kristin Begley, PharmD, Chief Pharmacy Officer (left) and AJ Loiacono  Co-Founder, Chief Innovation Officer (right), Truveris accept the award.


Truveris is recognized for OneRx®, a free, consumer-friendly, prescription benefits and savings application. This comprehensive consumer prescription tool provides information on drug coverage at the point of care, current out-of-pocket drug prices based on location, and allows consumers to take advantage of savings from discounts and discounts that are available.  Truveris has found that members who use the OneRx app make positive changes in their medication purchasing behaviors, choosing lower cost pharmacies and increasing adherence to important medications. Savings of 8% to 25% have been achieved, depending on plan design.

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Steve Miller, MD, Senior Vice President and Chief Medical Officer, Express Scripts accepts the award. 

Express Scripts:

Express Scripts is recognized for its Hepatitis Cure Value Program®, which not only ensured access to a cure for Hepatitis C patients but also produced savings for plan sponsors served by Express Scripts. Additionally, Express Scripts helped to elevate the discussion around fair drug pricing for a high cost, specialty chronic disease nationally, resulting in an estimated health care savings across the nation of $4 billion in 2015.

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Quality Improvement Category

Jane Lutz, Executive Director, PBMI presents Chris Chan, PharmD, Sr. Director of Pharmaceutical Services, Inland Empire Health Plan (IEHP) with the award.

Inland Empire Health Plan (IEHP):

IEHP, a non-profit health plan located in southern California, is recognized for its Pharmacy Pay for Performance (P4P) Program.  The P4P program leverages retail pharmacists to lower costs and improve the quality of care for IEHP members.  Using prescription-based quality measures aligned with medication adherence and patient safety to measure network pharmacy performance, overall improvement from 2013 baseline measures have been achieved.  The P4P program is also credited with improvement in pharmacy provider engagement and overall commitment to quality improvement initiatives.

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Jane Lutz, Executive Director, PBMI presents Michael Zeglinski, RPh, Senior Vice President, Specialty, OptumRx with the award.


OptumRx is recognized for its BriovaLive™ Specialty Pharmacy Video Consultation Program. BriovaLive enables patients to schedule private appointments with a BriovaRx specialty pharmacist via webcam, on any type of device, from the comfort of the patient’s home. Patients who participated in the BriovaLive support program were significantly more likely to be adherent to their medications than those who did not participate. Ninety-six percent of participating patients reported that they better understood how to use their medications because of the program.

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