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Maxor Completes Its Acquisition of Pharmaceutical Specialties, Inc. (PSI)

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5/13/2016 |  How to Survive in the Highly Competitive Medicare Part D Market

Increasing competition in health care is a constant. Competition drives innovation, industry markets and broader choices for healthcare consumers. Those in the Medicare market, particularly Medicare Part D plans and the Pharmacy Benefit Management companies (PBMs) serving them, are experiencing unprecedented competitive pressures.

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6/17/2015 | Underutilization of Data & Analytical Tools in the Health Care Industry

“Improving efficiency and quality through analytics, the key is turning raw data into meaningful information.”

Canoga Park, California (June 17, 2015): One of the most effective way of improving both efficiency and quality in healthcare is using both data and analytic tools to discover areas that require scrutiny or modification, however, only a small percentage of organizations in the healthcare industry do this. Many times the organization does a great job of collecting data but don’t seem to do much with it once collected. This is often due to the fact that they simply don’t possess the analytical capabilities to process all this data.

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