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Exploring Non-Pharmacologic Treatment Options for Patients With Dry Eye Disease

Various treatments for dry eye disease are navigated with regard to both payer and provider considerations.

Identifying Drivers of Economic Burden Associated With Dry Eye Disease

Dr Periman addresses cost-related concerns associated with treating dry eye disease.

Impact of Dry Eye Disease on Quality of Life

Quality-of-life concerns, including biopsychosocial impacts caused by dry eye disease, are explored by Dr Periman.

Pathology and Prevalence of Dry Eye Disease

Dr Laura Periman, MD illustrates the current risk factors and prevalence regarding patients with dry eye disease.

Prescribing AD Therapy: What to Consider

Dr Bhatia concludes our discussion by outlining what factors physicians should be cognizant of when prescribing therapies to patients with AD.

The Impact of JAK Inhibitors in AD Treatment

A dermatology expert highlights the role JAK inhibitors play in AD therapy, from mechanism of action to ruxolitinib and the TrUE AD1 and -2 trials.

Navigating the AD Treatment Landscape

Dr Neal Bhatia explains the available treatment options for patients with AD, including their relation to guideline recommendations.

Diagnosing Severe Atopic Dermatitis

Neal Bhatia, MD, provides an overview of atopic dermatitis (AD) and the diagnostic process, as well as how its severity impacts the patient.

Individualizing UF Therapy

Drs Al-Hendy and Lopes conclude with final thoughts on GnRH receptor antagonists, relugolix and elagolix, changing the UF treatment landscape.

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