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A Deep Dive into Predictive and Generative AI with Lynn Carroll of HSBlox

In this month’s episode, Briana Contreras, an editor of MHE, chatted with Lynn Carroll, executive of HSBlox, about the difference between predictive and generative AI, yet how each works together in preventive healthcare.

Tackling Medical Debt Challenges for Middle-Class Americans and Inclusive Healthcare Solutions, per Curative CEO Fred Turner

Briana Contreras, an editor of Managed Healthcare Executive, spoke with Fred Turner, CEO of Curative, in this month’s episode about the challenges middle-class Americans face in dealing with medical debt, exploring the causes behind it and the impact on overall health.

Bridging the Diversity Gap in Rare Disease Clinical Trials with Harsha Rajasimha of IndoUSrare

Briana Contreras, an editor with Managed Healthcare Executive, spoke with Harsha Rajasimha, MD, founder and executive chairman of IndoUSrare, in this month's episode of Tuning in to the C-Suite podcast. The conversation was about how the disparity in diversity and ethnicity in rare disease clinical trials in the U.S. has led to gaps in understanding diseases and conditions, jeopardizing universal health, and increasing the economic burden of healthcare.

AI Improving Healthcare Efficiency, the Evolution of VBC, Reducing Healthcare Waste and More With William Shrank of Andreessen Horowitz

Managing Editor of Managed Healthcare Executive, Peter Wehrwein, had a discussion with William Shrank, M.D., a venture partner with Andreessen Horowitz, a venture capital firm in Menlo Park, California, about how artificial intelligence's role is improving healthcare, where we are today with value-based care and the ongoing efforts of reducing waste in the healthcare space for this episode of the "What's on Your Mind" podcast series.

Mostafa Kamal Talks Prime Therapeutics, Magellan Rx Integration, the Organization's Trajectory, More

Managed Healthcare Executive's Managing Editor Peter Wehrwein, and Editor Briana Contreras, had a discussion in July with Mostafa Kamal, president and CEO of Prime Therapeutics, an organization in which Kamal acquired this position that same month.

In the Scope of Virtual Health and the Future of “Website” Manner, Per Ateev Mehrotra

Briana Contreras, an editor of Managed Healthcare Executive, had the pleasure of catching up with MHE Editorial Advisory Board Member, Ateev Mehrotra, MD, MPH, who is a professor of healthcare policy at Harvard Medical School and an Associate Professor of Medicine and Hospitalist at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center.

Extending the Capabilities of the EHR Through Automation

Welcome back to another episode of "Tuning In to the C-Suite," where Briana Contreras, an editor of Managed Healthcare Executive, had the pleasure of chatting with Cindy Gaines, chief clinical transformation officer at Lumeon.

Personalizing, Simplifying Value-Based Care Models to Reduce Costs, Improve Health Outcomes for Patients

Briana Contreras, an editor of Managed Healthcare Executive, spoke with Brian Adams, President and CEO of Tabula Rasa HealthCare, in this month's episode of Tuning In to the C-Suite podcast.

What to Look For in the Pipeline, Misconceptions of Drug Approvals and More of ‘What’s on the Mind’ of Jeffrey Casberg

Briana Contreras, an editor with Managed Healthcare Executive, and Peter Wehrwein, managing editor of MHE, got to chatting with the newest editorial advisory board member, Jeffrey Casberg, who is vice president of Clinical Pharmacy at IPD Analytics.

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